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  Timing is Everything

We Quickly Improve a Batters Timing via

our Nano Timing Training™and Segmenting™

This Batter was our First CLIENT, WHO Came to US While in a major slump.

After Just 1 Session with our ProtoTYPE Timing Machine 

He Went 3/4, 1st swing was a Double to Left Field Gap. This hit was a walk off single up the middle.

His hits in the game mirrored the hits in our Nano Timing Training™

Current Marlin Outfielder

"I have batted against Kershaw, that is a Kershaw Curve"

Dr. Don Teig

Pioneering Sports Optometrist

"What Breakout Hitting has created. I’ve dreamed about for 30 years"

MLB Catcher

"It even helps me on defense"

Athletics Minor League Players and Coaches

"I could do this for hours"

"The fastball is just gas"

"I would love to do this before a game"

"Thats a beautiful backdoor slider"

"How do they do that?"

Former High School Player

"I use to think 80 was fast now I think 90 is slow"

Robin Cox

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Spent 30 years in business originating new or improving existing asset value. Now doing the same for baseball and softball. Co-Inventor of Nano Timing Training ™ and one of a kind training called Segmenting™ Plus  creator of "15 Seconds of Perfection" for defense.


Author:  Perennial Power-Why certain teams & Individuals are always competing for the championship.

What Makes Them Different?

Preston Cox

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Developer of the Technology and Software code that allows the Nano Timing machine to mimic the best or any pitchers in the MLB and Olympic women's softball and is the foundation for Nano Timing Training™ 

We want to make you a Breakout Player!

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