Did You Know

Nature favors the pitcher. 

Its not just because the pitcher has the advantage of knowing which pitch and location they will be throwing to. Nature gives the pitcher additional advantages in that the last 15-20 feet of the pitch wind resistance, gravity and the Magnus effect begin affecting the ball. But nature also provides an additional advantage in the way a batters brain interprets moving objects, especially objects moving directly at the person.

Its called the Motion Parallax and its why objects moving toward you at a constant speed seem slower in the distance but appear to speed up as they get closer.

If your standing at the end of a runway and you see a jet plane in the distance coming in for a landing, it barely appears to be moving ...but wait a few seconds and you look up as it flies over your head...you see the "true speed" of about 150 +/- MPH.   


Similarly, you will experience the same Motion Parallax when you see a distant 18 wheeler appearing to barely move toward you as you stand beside the highway...but again, wait a few seconds and you lookup as the truck roars past you.

The same Motion Parallax is what batters experience when they will sometimes say the ball "jumps on them" or "ambushes them."  Again, it's the way our brains interpret movement. This is one reason why a batters timing can be off.

But the good news is that our combination of Nano Timing Training™ and Segmenting™ takes the "jump" out of the pitch, makes the normal pitch seem slower and the ball much larger, allowing much better timing for batters at any level.