Our Story

     Coaches and players understand there is a universal sports principle that when you practice against higher skilled players or teams, you will get better, quicker. But the dilemma in baseball is this; we typically practice at slower speeds than in games. This is especially true in batting practice where we practice against slower pitches with less movement than we will see in the game.

     To adjust to Next Level pitching, baseball and softball players often need many, many At Bats to succeed at the next level.  If players are not getting those reps in a game, they are certainly not getting the experience in batting practice.

     Breakout Hitting developed the solution for practicing against better pitching and achieving the Reps needed to succeed at the next level. Breakout Hitting's advanced form of batting practice ..eg "Timing Practice" combines the importance of optimizing our vision by practicing tracking and timing against "Cy Young" type pitching. This training significantly accelerates a batters timing for the next level.


As a nationally known Sports Vision doctor said, "What you have created, I have dreamed about for 30 years."


     A  "Timing Training" utilizing  proprietary engineering and technology to practice against better pitching than a batter will see all year but can perform the training every day.


Breakout Hittings' Timing Training was developed for timing pitches in baseball and fastpitch softball but is also applicable for all hitting sports - tennis, cricket, table tennis  etc. 

For Professional and Amateurs of all ages.​



All the below comments were unsolicited, so players and coaches were giving us their honest opinion.


From Professional Players, Coaches

  • “I could do this for five hours” (Because it is fun but little did he know at the time, just a few minutes a day is all that is needed)

  • About our fast ball “I have seen 100 MPH, and this is better,” “That’s just gas!”

  • Describing our curve ball…"That’s just nasty.” “That’s a Kershaw curve.”

  • “That’s a beautiful back door slider”

  • “I’d love to do this right before an At Bat.” (And you can)

  • “This is helping me on defense."

  • “Umpires need to do this training."

  • From a former H.S. player testing our system, "I use to think 80 MPH was fast, now I think 90 is slow."

Individual Results

  • Able to get an MLB player out of an 0-32 batting slump...the next game he played (24 hours after training) he hit the first pitch he swung at, an 89 MPH cutter into the L.F. gap for a double. Went 3-4 and had the walk off hit, a single up the middle. His only out; he just missed a HR to the same L.F. gap. 

  • Player went from 12: 1 Strikeout to Walk ratio and completely reversed it to 8:1 Walk to Strikeouts because Breakout Hitting improves depth perception, pitch tracking and recognition to better judge balls and strikes.

  • An injured, out for the season AA player (who could not swing a bat for seven months due to thumb surgery). He was only hitting .143 in AA before the injury.  He performed 10 sessions with Progressive Timing Training™  before leaving for Spring training. The media asked him why he was hitting the ball so well and he replied, " I am seeing the ball very well." He made the MLB roster.  

  • A Grandfather told us, his grandson got the "Best hit of his life." after preseason training. 

When you see our training method, you will understand why.