How WE Train

     The most important real estate in baseball and softball is the space between the release point of the pitcher and home plate. And perhaps more important, is the last 15+/- feet in front of the plate (the contact zone) where the most movement/break of the ball occurs. And due to the Motion Parallax, this is where the ball appears to speed up to the batter, even though technically, due to air resistance, the ball is slowing down

It is said in football, the team that controls the line of scrimmage wins the game. 

In baseball and softball, the one who consistently wins the battle of the last 15 feet (batter or pitcher) significantly increases their value to the team and themselves.

Along with other improvement in timing, the drills Breakout Hitting has created specifically for this most important 15 feet of the worth an a Sports Vision Coach said after seeing our drills..."No One is Doing This!" 

To find out more about Nano Timing Training™ including  the drills we can offer for this important last 15 feet contact us below.

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